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401k/403b Management services

Maximize Your 401(k) & 403(b)

For over 12 years I have managed client's 401(k)s and 403(b)s with an emphasis on the local companies. Using a disciplined research process, I select the most complementary funds in your plan, allocate your portfolio, monitor the funds available and make replacements and re-balancing when necessary. I also utilize a more active management for a portion of the retirement plan to take advantage of the ever increasing volatility in the markets.

My advice and services extend beyond just the management of your retirement plan. I can provide recommendations on all of your assets to ensure that your total portfolio is being managed to match your individual needs. Let your money work for you!

Sophisticated. Simple.

The investment principles at the core of my Retirement Plan Management Program are sophsticated research, asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing. These principles are not easily completed; it takes experience, education, and discipline. While you will receive the benefits of this sophisticated approach, participating in the program is simple. Your money stays invested in your company plan, there are no transfers necessary. Research, allocation and monitoring the account are all done for you.

The Four-Step Management Process

  • I help you identify your investment goals: Every person's investment objectives are unique and your portfolio should reflect your goals.
  • Develop a strategic allocation for your assets: Asset allocation can attribute up to 90% of a portfolio return. Asset allocation reduces risk to your account by spreading your money over varying types of mutual funds.
  • Build a custom portfolio using the investments in your plan: The mutual funds I choose undergo an appraisal process using a 3 prong approach to review the fund: Review of the fund management at the organization, the investment Philosophy of the managers and the funds Performance. Even after this process is completed, I will consistently review the funds and the current economic environment to determine if we need to make any fund changes.


  • Monitor the progress of your portfolio and report it to you. We will meet either annually or semiannually to review the portfolio, allocation and whether or not there are any other life changes that can affect the type of portfolio that is appropriate for you.