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Welcome Canalside Capital Mangement

Over the years my reputation and practice has been built on trust, intergrity and the highest ethical standards. My commitment to my clients and their families during good times and bad is unwavering. My focus is to partner with my clients so that together I can help guide them through all aspects of their financial life.

Your investing needs are as unique as you are. Many of your needs are probably long-term goals but I am sure you have even more day-to-day financial demands. No matter where in life you are I am sure you have many questions such as:

  • I've spent a lifetime saving, am I prepared for retirement?
  • I've changed jobs. What 401(k) options do I have?
  • How can I plan for my child's education?
  • I am just starting my investment plan- where do I begin?

So where do you start?

Investment Strategy

Put your money to work through a disciplined investment strategy. Contact us for a free consultation.

Retirement Planning

Secure your future with a structured retirement plan. Learn more about our retirement planning services.

Life Insurance Planning

Life doesn't always go the way we want it to go. Despite our best efforts, accidents happen and there's nothing anyone can do about them except insure against them.

Our Services

As a full-service establishment, Canalside Capital Management can assist you in a variety of ways.