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Who Should Invest with Me

I know that not every person is a perfect fit for working with me. Some investors prefer a more do-it-yourself approach while others prefer working with large firms that have multiple advisors.  I am OK with this.  For me, it's about taking the time with you and getting to know you and what goals and objectives you would like to achieve. Then, we will work together to build a strategy to help you get you there. 

Most of my clients share some common investing preferences:

  • You have long-term goals and are willing to follow a disciplined strategy to get there. 
  • You prefer working with an individual advisor with personalized attention.
  • You want to have a conversation about retirement rather then just clicking the submit button online.
  • You value the relationship that can be developed with your financial advisor. 
  • You prefer to stick with proven, long-term investment strategies. 
  • You don't believe that chasing the latest fad is any way to create a comfortable retirement, pay for a child's    education or build a legacy for your heirs.

Personal Attention 

I believe in providing one-on-one service in the privacy of my own office.  I listen to your needs and goals and offer a personal "diagnosis" in language that you understand. After your initial appointment, you can count on me to be familiar with your history and provide answers to future questions and concerns.

One-On-One Relationships 

I devote a great deal of time and attention to building my relationships. On any given day I might meet three or four clients in person and speak with even more on the telephone or via email. After all, I believe it's only by really knowing my clients and understanding their needs that I can provide the best investment advice.

Why should you expect anything less than personalized, one-on-one attention when it comes to your financial independence?